10 Helpful, Easy Tips to cope with active labor

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Hello mamas. it is great that we get to spend sometime together again for one more time. I am so excited about what we are going to learn today. We are going to briefly discuss 7 helpful tips to cope with labor. I know with my first baby it was so scary to go through labor after seeing the tv shows depicting it, and also hearing the horror stories from so many negative voices.

People who are not knowledgeable about birth often behave the worst and get those results because they have not been taught how it works and of course we know that fear of the unknown is never good. It is always good to do your research and become informed about birth. Knowledge really matters!


Active labor is defined as the stage of labor that starts when you are 6 cm dilated, but most people identify it by how it feels. It is likely that you are in active labor when you are unable to move about or speak throughout your contractions. If you wish to give birth in a hospital, it is ideal to wait until active labor has begun before being admitted, but most first-time parents visit the facility before active labor has even begun. It helps to have coping mechanisms ready no matter where you wind up during active labor (typically it’s some at home and some at the hospital or birth center). Here are 4 tried-and-true methods for overcoming contraction-related difficulties.

1.Get moving!

Most people are compelled to stand up and walk around automatically as a result of the difficulty of the strong contractions that occur during active labor. The first thing you should do is get up if you notice that sitting or lying down makes it difficult for you to handle contractions. Contrary to what you may have witnessed, lying in bed while in labor is typically the most unpleasant position to be in.

You feel so trapped and helpless. I would advise you to seek getting into a hospital or birthing center that hones in on you getting out of bed during labor and moving.

2. Refresh yourself with a warm bath or shower

Refreshing yourself is so comforting , you won’t want to come out of the tub or shower! Take a bath or a shower in water. People find that being near water is one of the most relaxing experiences, and this is especially true while giving birth. During active labor, get in a warm tub or stand with your back or belly toward the shower stream for comfort and relaxation.

3. Find a comforting repeated motion

Look for a relaxing repeated motion. This coping mechanism frequently develops naturally. During a contraction, women in labor may sway, rock, or rotate their hips. All of these movements are calming and distracting.

4. Find your birth partner

Consult your spouse, a doula, or a close friend. If you have the opportunity, carefully select the people who will actively and favorably help you physically, intellectually, and emotionally during labor. You’ll need someone who knows how to support and encourage you when things go tough, as they will in active labor.

5. Sit and move on a hard stool

Many women find sitting on a hard stool during labor very comforting. This one you can try. I hope you like it!

6. Do some message

Massage helps to increase your blood flow during labor, takes your mind off the pain, and helps you to relax.I advise my students to get started early in labor so you get used to the touch before contractions get too intense. Not all women like being touched during labor. I have personally worked with many women who did not want to be touched during labor and this is fine.

7.Slow dance with your partner

This is another comfort during active labor you can try. Knowing that your number one is right there gives you more comfort, and tolerance with the surges you are experiencing. Do it for as long as you like and you can even allow your partner to message you if you like e.g. rubbing your back while dancing or just dancing!

8. Use a birth ball

Using a birth ball and moving is a great way to distract and cope with your surges. I encourage you to purchase one and practice often.

9. Have a back up for your support person

Yes mamas you can have a back-up ready just in case your first support person gets tired, as sometimes labor can be longer than we expect. They might not have been present during the birth class, but you can let them do whatever you want them to do at the time .

10. Always talk to God

Remember God is always there with us through every situation. He has told us in proverbs 3:5,6

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 

in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.


In conclusion you have learned many easy and helpful ways you can move forward during active labor. Active labor can be challenging and almost unbearable if you are not prepared. The main aim of these skills are to bring you comfort, endurance, and positive distractions during active labor. Practice them with your partner before Labor Day .

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