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Many women go into labor very fearful when they really don’t have to be. I am here today to teach you the best breathing technique that is working for so many women all over the world. I want to help you to labor with confidence and empowered with this unique breathing skill.

The best breathing technique I have found to be very rewarding for my clients and millions of women all over the world is the Destressor breathing. The thing about this skill is it is so easy to learners you will see. Besides learning the destressor breathing, I recommend that you also check out more great ways to prepare for labor.

The Advantages of the Destressor Breathing Technique

  • Mama can always breathe in a controlled, regular pattern.
  • Deep breathing activates the Vagus Nerve, which relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Provides a purpose and diversion amid each surge
  • Contraction efficiency is increased when the mother is calm and comfortable
  • lowers blood pressure and slows heart rate
  • Baby and mother breathe in greater oxygen
  • Helps also during the postpartum (4th stage).
  • These tress relief techniques that are simple to utilize during stressful situations during life as well as during pregnancy

Let’s Learn How to Do It!

The goal of this breathing technique for labor is to bring you through your surges (contractions) as calmly and relaxed as possible. With that in mind, you’ll begin your Destressor Breath as you start to feel your contraction build and continue using it through the entire duration of the surge.
Start by breathing calm deep breaths through your nose for four seconds. As deeply as you are capable of breathing, this breath should enter your body. Additionally, as air fills your tummy, it will grow larger. Your baby and muscles take in each breath that is brimming with calm and relaxation.
Just a brief pause should occur at the peak of your inhalation. Next, exhale through your mouth for a total of six seconds while doing so slowly. You are releasing any stress from your body when you exhale. Every muscle in your body is therefore calm, with the exception of your uterus, which is actively working to bring your baby down and out.
Throughout the entire surge, keep employing this breathing method for labor. For four seconds, breathe in deeply with your nose, and for six seconds, slowly and deliberately, expel through your mouth. Five breaths at a time, repeat this pattern. If you’re breathing properly, you should be able to get through a contraction—or at the very least, the peak of the pain—in around five breaths. Through the surge, continue with the Destressor Breath until you are  do not need it. 
Take a deep breath in through your nose for as long as it feels comfortable after the surge has passed, followed by a deliberate, wholly relaxed exhalation through your mouth. With this purifying breath, you might make a faint vocalization as you exhale your tension and welcome complete rest.

When to Practice

Have you ever heard the term ” practice makes improvement?” Well this term can be applied to you practicing your breathing before Labor Day. Here is a list of the golden times to practice this technique:

  • While doing chores
  • Falling asleep
  • Early in the morning
  • Stressful occasions
  • Driving in the car
  • Taking a shower

The Destressor Breath During Labor

Best breathing technique for a better labor 

Practice this Breathing Technique for labor with me now!

In order to be prepared for labor, practice often to prepare yourself for those labor surges.

The Destressor Breath is a life saver during labor!


This has been a very interesting discussion . I hope you will learn by practicing the destressor breath for a better labor. My clients are raving about how the Destressor breathing has helped them to experience a better labor. Your breath is one of your best defenses against daily stress, frustration, and existential angst.

Once you learn the art of expert inhaling and exhaling, you’ll likely start to feel better. As you practice often you might notice that you’ve gained a little extra resilience and grace; taking the focus away from anxiety, fear, and lack of control. I believe in you mama. We have learned the following:

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