The Top 10 Ways You Can Succeed in the Natural Labor Induction: After Your Due Date Is Passed Starting Now!

Hello Mamas!Are you pregnant and your due date passed? Well I can imagine the anxiety, apprehension, and even worry about when will that mighty day arrive. I am going to help you out today with some natural remedies that have worked and are still working for many women today.

Many pregnant women, particularly first-time mothers, are surprised to learn that their baby’s due date passes them by without a single contraction. Today I am going to teach you 8 ways you can succeed in natural labor induction after your due date is passed. You can begin today!

What Exactly Is Induction Of Labor?

The closer you get to the scheduled delivery date (also known as the EDD), the more nervous you may get. You may start to worry if this baby would ever arrive. I know how it is after having four kids of my own. Additionally, I have worked with so many women who complained that they were so nervous and afraid of having to be induced. My thing is, if there is an easier, and natural way to get your labor done, why not?

Oops!I assumed that everyone knows what induction of labor is all about. 

What is it, exactly?
Labor induction is when physicians use drugs or other medical methods to try to speed up labor. Some doctors used to induce labor on a regular basis. However, it is now only done if there is a genuine medical need for it. In most cases, labor is permitted to run its course. In certain cases, however, a health care provider can advise induction. Here are some natural remedies that might be possible for you. Many women have have testified to the fact that these remedies had worked for them.

What Research Has Revealed

It is advised that women wait until they are at least 39 weeks pregnant, even though many women deliver healthy babies two weeks before or after their anticipated due date.

It’s best to leave the timing of your baby’s birth to nature. In a 2011 study(Trusted Source), 201 women who had just given birth were asked about initiating labor at home. Of these ladies, 50% had looked for a natural match.

Late pregnancy can be challenging because you might feel swollen all over, your feet and back might hurt, you might not have the energy to accomplish much of anything, and you might be anxious to meet the baby you’ve been growing for so long. Because of this, waiting a bit longer than anticipated might be very challenging.

Additionally, it’s not a given that your doctor (or other healthcare professional) will accept you if you’re past your due date.

Waiting for labor to begin naturally has its benefits. My mom I can remember when I was having my babies gave me time tea to drink if my due date had passed. I don’t know the logistics of how that happened but as soon as I drank the tea, labor was right around the corner. Mamas I know how it feels . The wait is long in that world after you reach 37 weeks . After that time you really are tired of being pregnant and want to be released.
At 40 weeks, the majority of pregnant women desire to hold their newborns in their arms as soon as possible.

However, waiting until the body decides to enter labor on its own has several benefits, including quicker recovery with less complications. The truth is that going into labor spontaneously is actually the best course of action. When medically necessary, induction is a great option for women and has its time and place.

Women who haven’t had an induction usually recover more quickly. Additionally, there are benefits to spending more time in the womb.

The Top 10 Tips You Can Succeed in the Natural Labor Induction: After Your Due Date Is Passed Starting Now! Let’s Do This Mama

But just wanting the pregnancy to end? Even though it could be difficult, it’s best to let the baby arrive when they’re ready. According to research, spontaneous labor is linked to less maternal problems.

BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort to speed things up a little.

Here are some of the best all-natural methods for starting labor. This week, try to have some fun to see if you can start things off (with your provider’s approval, definitely!


Exercise is truly healthy during pregnancy to keep your cells healthy and alive.
Exercise is truly healthy during pregnancy to keep your cells healthy and alive.

Exercise might include activities that increase heart rate, such taking a lengthy walk. Even if this strategy fails, it is a great method to de-stress and get the body ready for the issue at hand. A lot of women also discover that visiting the beach and strolling in the sand is very beneficial and relaxing, as you can inhale all of that fresh sea breeze air. This can help improve your mental capacity.


There are many potential theories as to why sex can trigger labor. Oxytocin can be released during sexual activity, especially during an orgasm, and this can trigger uterine contractions.

Prostaglandins, are hormone-like compounds that aid in changing your cervix during birth – well, that’s actually quite cool! It seems as if nature had something planned for this.
The chemical oxytocin, which is responsible for uterine contractions during delivery, is released during nipple stimulation, so if you combine that with this, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, semen contains prostaglandin hormones that can aid in ripening the cervix in women who are pregnant and have had sex with men. It’s healthy to engage in sexual activity in the final trimester, but NOT IF YOUR WATER IS BROKEN. This is how an infection is set up.

Hey! I believe it’s worth a shot, and even the chance to connect with your partner and unwind before giving birth makes it completely worthwhile.


The nipples being stimulated? Oh my God yes! It is possible mama!
The stimulation of the nipple triggers the release of oxytocin. The uterus can contract and the breasts can secrete milk thanks to the hormone oxytocin.


A form of therapy that employs needles is called acupuncture. For thousands of years, it has been used to cure a wide range of illnesses. The precise mechanism of action of acupuncture is uncertain.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed to control the chi, or vital energy, within the body. It is also possible to cause changes in the nervous system or hormone levels. The procedure should only be carried out by a certified acupuncturist.


Acupressure is a technique for applying pressure to specific points along the body.
Acupressure, according to some practitioners, may assist in the initiation of labor. Make sure you get enough advice from a certified acupressure practitioner before using acupressure on yourself.

Even if acupressure doesn’t start your labor, it can help you cope with pain and discomfort when you’re giving birth.


Many women have found the castor oil to work very well with getting labor started. However do not do this without your provider’s permission.

Prostaglandins are released when castor oil is consumed in small amounts, such as 1-2 ounces (29.57–59.14 mL), which can help ripen the cervix and initiate labor.

It is advised that this be carried out under the guidance of a midwife or physician. Castor oil should only be consumed in moderation. 


SomeTrusted Source research shows that eating dates in the final weeks of pregnancy.Dates for dinner
According to some studies from Trusted Source, consuming dates in the final weeks of pregnancy is beneficial.

  • Increases cervical ripening and cervical dilation at the start of labor
  • decreases the need for Pitocin use during labor. Similar to the hormone oxytocin, which is produced by your body and produces contractions, pitocin is a synthetic hormone. Pitocin is injected through your IV in gradually increasing quantities to induce contractions and, ideally, kickstart your labor.
  • It may seem absurd, but it’s true! Once they reach 37 weeks, moms who consume six Medjool dates each day have:
  • quicker labor
  • Skip the Pitocin
  • possess intact membranes at the time of hospital admission.
  • have a greater chance of experiencing spontaneous labor
  • If you don’t like eating dates by themselves, you can make smoothies with them or consume a Lara Bar, which is entirely made of dates (it is believed that one bar contains about two dates).


Your midwife will encourage you to sip red raspberry leaf tea as your due date draws near. Tea’s toning and strengthening properties may aid in the uterus’ preparation for birthing. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll still stay hydrated.
Reduced cervical dilatation at the beginning of labor and enhanced cervical ripening.


It works by helping to tone the uterus and is associated with shorter push times and decreases the risk of an unplanned C-section!

  • While drinking a few cups of red raspberry leaf tea every day for the final two months of your pregnancy won’t help you go into labor tonight, it may make it far more likely that you’ll give birth naturally without the use of drugs to induce labor.
  • Start with one cup per day, then gradually increase to 2-3 cups per day over the course of a few weeks as long as you don’t have cramping.


Mama I hope you like pineapples!

There have long been theories on how to encourage labor, some of which have stronger scientific backing. Eating pineapple while pregnant is a typical folk cure. It is believed to promote the cervix to loosen and assist in accelerating contractions. However, there doesn’t seem to be much proof to support it.

Rare anecdotal evidence suggests that consuming high quantities of pineapple can induce childbirth. This is mostly attributed to the enzyme bromelain’s presence, according to online message boards. However, there isn’t much scientific evidence to back it up. According to several research, bromelain only causes uterine contractions in animals when it is directly given to the uterus. Even in the tests on animals, the bromelain only produced contractions—not labor. There was no indication that the labor process had been sped up by the bromelain in any manner. Pregnant women have not been the subject of any studies.

You can worry that a food could cause premature labor or be one of the foods pregnant women should avoid if it is said to cause contractions or even labor.

Eating pineapple while pregnant is safe.

Additionally, taking too much bromelain on occasion might cause cramping or diarrhea, which could be mistaken for the start of labor.

Some people may also experience an allergic reaction to pineapple. Avoid eating any pineapple if you are allergic to latex. Pineapple allergies are frequently present in latex allergy sufferers. That will enable you to prevent any allergic responses while pregnant.


This is a a disclaimer. According to anecdotal evidence, if your due date has passed, this is an extremely effective method of starting labor.It really works , like, 85% success rate!
However, it is a contentious technique because it makes use of castor oil, which is not recommended as a stand-alone natural induction technique (please don’t use it).
A combination of apricot juice, lemon verbena tea, almond butter, and castor oil known as the “Midwives’ Brew” is supposed to induce labor within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labor Induction

1.What questions should I ask about induction?

Questions to ask about induction of labour. Methods of induction. Risks of induction.

Your midwife or doctor should discuss the pros and cons of any intervention so you can make an informed decision. Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Is it going to hurt?
  • Will it affect my recovery?
  • Will it affect my ability to breastfeed?
  • Will it affect any future pregnancies?

2. What is the most common reason for induction of Labour?

The most common reasons include post-term pregnancy (defined as 41+0 weeks’ gestation), prelabour rupture of the amniotic membranes (PROM) or when the well-being of the woman or baby may be compromised by prolonging the pregnancy (e.g. in cases of fetal growth restriction or pre-eclampsia).

3. How long will they let you labor after being induced?

Sometimes labor induction does not work. Early labor is the time when a woman’s contractions start and her cervix begins to open. Women who have induction at 39 weeks should be allowed up to 24 hours or longer for the early phase of labor.

4. What is the most natural form of induction?

The truth about “natural” ways to induce labor:

  • Exercise
  • Acupuncture or pressure 
  • Pineapple
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Herbal remedies
  • Nipple stimulation
  • Spicy food
  • Membrane stripping. Your obstetric provider may begin membrane stripping about a week before your due date.


Talk with your healthcare provider about any risks or potential complications before doing something that could cause labor.

Though some of these practices are common among pregnant women, there is no scientific evidence to back them up.

It’s usually better to let the baby choose their own due date, even if it means waiting another week or two.

Thank you for visiting today. I sure hope you were blessed reading this. If you are pregnant- Congratulations! I wish you every success. Please consult your healthcare before trying any of the above. Feel free to like or comment this post and share it with others. May the good Lord bless and keep you safe.

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How to know for sure if you are in real labor!

When you know what to expect and have the tools to navigate the experience, you’ll feel confident and in control.

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