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1. Techniques to speed up labor

At times it is necessary!

Have you ever heard the term, They gave me pain for labor to speed up?” Or I was given pain during labor? Well there is some truth to this question. Let me explain:

After your labor begins, it will probably continue or proceed through its typical stages. Even so, labor can occasionally slow down or stop. You could need what is referred to as a “augmentation of labor” if your labor has halted. I know for sure that no mama wants to be in labor longer than she has to.

Using medical or natural methods to help labor resume its course is known as augmenting or speeding up labor. This could restart or hasten your  labor.

2. How augmentation is done

Let’s get informed!

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The non-medical method and the medical method are the two basic methods for labor augmentation. Both have benefits and drawbacks, but it is possible to use both medical and non-medical methods together. The following are some of the most popular methods for trying to hasten your labor: 2

  • Making your water break
  • Having sex
  • Nipple tingling
  • other organic methods
  • Pitocin\sWalking
  • Get on your feet by standing, walking, or squatting
  • Stimulate your breasts
  • Try massage or acupressure
  • Change positions
  • Give yourself a change of scenery
  • Use medical interventions: This includes the use of cytotec or protogladins for labor
  • Many labors just progress more slowly, and  naturally, therefore medical labor augmentation is not required. Your Obstetrics specialist could advise accelerating the process for your convenience, to reduce exhaustion, or to shorten your stay in the hospital. Typically, the health of the mother or child calls for augmentation.

3. Why is augmentation is done?

It really comes in handy when needed!

  • There are benefits of labor augmentation for mothers and babies if things do not turn out the way it should.
    When a mother is Group B Strep (GBS) positive, her membranes may rupture prior to the start of labor.
  • Another example is when the mother has a fever of unknown origin and the doctor or midwife wants to cut the length of the labor as much as possible.
  • Or labor might have slowed down dramatically.

4. Getting a different perspective of labor

Augmentation can increase your chances of getting a Cesarean section!

  • One of the problems is that we are accustomed to viewing birth-related television programs where it appears that birth occurs quite swiftly.
  • The fact is that according to certain research, labor is really taking longer now than it did in earlier times.
  • Even while we have a general concept of how long labor should last, you may find that it goes much more slowly (and painfully) than you had anticipated while you’re going through it.
  • t’s crucial that we discuss when it’s time to check into a hospital or birthing facility while you’re in labor. Many women come in during very early labor, when they could feel more at ease at home, and are admitted before they have dilated to 4 centimeters.
  • This raises the possibility that they will need additional procedures, like as augmentation and maybe a C-section if things don’t go well.

5. Asking the right questions

Empower yourself and get an understanding of what is going on!

Many instances, attempting to hasten the labor process can lead to the development of issues that weren’t there before. One illustration would be that using drugs like Pitocin to hasten labor can increase the chance of fetal discomfort.  

Concerns to Ponder:
Ask these questions first if your midwife or doctor suggests an augmentation:

  • Why do you think labor is not moving along more quickly?
  • What justification do we have for accelerating labor?
  • What choices are available to increase my work output?
  • Exist other options?
  • What will happen if we wait for a while?
  • How may my birth plan alter if I had an augmentation? (Would I still be permitted to leave my bed? Would I need more supervision?)
  • In the end, you, your partner, and your doctor or midwife should decide whether to augment in a well-informed manner. Ask for it if you need additional time or information before making a choice.


Overview of “5 Powerful Must knows for First time moms for labor Augmentation

We have come to the conclusion of this article. I hope you learned something. Let me know your questions if you have any. What are your concerns about augmentation of labor? Here is what we talk about:

1. Techniques to speed up labor– Check out the number of different ways you can speed up labor if your due date is passed.

2. How augmentation is done– Get a good understanding of what it entails, so that there are no surprises.

3. Why is augmentation is done? Learn the reasons why?

4. Getting a different perspective of labor. Get a bigger outlook

5. Asking the right questions. Know the questions you should ask. Empower yourself

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