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Meet your instructor: Marilyn Smith Founder of Maternal Treasures Birth and Parenting Education, RN, BNS, Certified Midwife, Mentor, Clinical Instructor

Labor smarter not harder!

Hello ! I am here to help you to navigate the threshold of pregnancy, birth , and postpartum like a pro.

Every mama wants the same thing – An easier and a better birth, labor, and postpartum. As a seasoned professional midwife, my goal is to make your pregnancy, birth , and postpartum an epic, unforgettable event!

Welcome to Maternal Treasures Birth and Parenting Education for First Time Moms

We help to give you the confidence and comfort you need to go through your labor in control. It’s no use listening to other people’s story because each mama will have her own story to tell. You see there are no two pregnancies exactly alike, even if the mama is the same mama!

Now this may sound strange but it is the truth! So I encourage you to become knowledgeable about the process you are going through. You also get to speak with me ono on one! When you don’t know what to expect, you have lots of questions that bring fear and uncertainty if not answered correctly by the right people.

Our classes are very enjoyable, interactive, and easy to understand. I encourage you to take a class to erase the intensity of the fears and unknowns today.

My story

It was just four years ago I retired from the Princess Margaret Hospital ; Nassau , Bahamas One of the main reasons was because I discovered that too many of our mothers were coming into the labor ward unprepared and afraid. Then I looked around in the hospital where I worked and wondered why so many women were coming into labor like this. I also looked into my community and discovered that most of these pregnant moms were not hearing about any of these services that are being offered here.

I love my profession because it allows me to bring comfort , confidence, and empowerment to pregnant families like you! I want to help your journey to be one of extreme joy, and laughter instead of pain, fear, and discomfort. I am a nurse – midwife of more than 35 years. During my training at the hospital , I was graced with the golden opportunity to enrich the lives of so many students and pregnant moms.

I excelled to the rank of clinical instructor, I was able to get my BSN, while married with five kids, and working full time while serving with excellence. I want to encourage you to serve with excellence, no matter the job you have. We were given gifts to bless the world.

It’s been a long time waiting for this blessing to the world to unfold. A lot of times, we have a dreamt we born it before it has time to conceive and bear fruit. You must believe in what God has shown you, stick with it and keep improving yourself.

Labouring Smarter is so much better than labouring harder !

When I had my babies more than thirty years ago, childbirth education was not something that was fostered in the community. Many classes were not available and if they were they were usually short 10 minute sessions just before clinic begins. They were rushed. Some hospital -based facilities would have the classes once or twice during the week for an hour or two.

Most of the moms complained that they worked and the times for the classes whereto inconvenient. I saw a need for women to be prepared mentally for the journey of birth, so I made a decision to help as many as I can to prepare for their Labor Day , by teaching them the the mechanics and psyche of labor.

So many times , moms prepare for the physical; buying the essentials for mom and baby, getting the nursery ready, attending antenatal clinic, but not preparing for the emotional side of pregnancy which is more important than the physical. Yes pregnancy is 10% mental and 90% mental!

If you think about it, if pregnancy is mentally 90% , dose,t that mean mental preparation is needed? Yes it certainly does mama!

Now is the time invest in your birth experience! Let me guide you through the last several weeks of birth preparation. 

Obtain all the knowledge and skills you require to be completely confident and eager to give birth because you were properly prepared. So many familles ae benefitting from this much needed service.

As a Midwife  who has seen it all, I can provide you game-changing advice and information that will make your experience more enjoyable and fearless.

  • All of our classes are guaranteed to help you to navigate not only the birth process, but also the postpartum and motherhood events of your life.
  • with comprehensive understanding and courage to face your labor day like a real pro.
  • I have spent more than 36 years in the Nursing-Midwifery field. Hence,  I know what I see when I witness first hand; the fears and anxiety so many persons experience when they arrive the hospital; especially moms who come in to give birth.
  • My desire is that women prepare themselves for this special day. Mama there is no need to go into hospital afraid of the unknown. Give you and your partner the chance of a lifetime to go into labor with joy, and confidence.
  • Allow me to tell you step- by-step what to expect, and what to do at each stage. Go into hospital empowered and prepared. I have the experience as a midwife and a mother who has given birth to four children. 
  • I am passionate about women laboring with confidence, and being the least fearful on this precious day.
  • Let me prepare you for the joy of having your baby in an environment you are empowered in. You learn
  • and understand things you never really understood and you get tthe opportunity to have all of your
  • questions answered. So many first time moms come to the labor ward filled with fear of the unknown
  • anxiety, and not knowing what to do. My heart often goes out to them because they usually do not have the slightest clue as to what to expect. I am tired of seeing women come into labor afraid when it does not have to be. Let me prepare you for the big day.
  • Research has shown that if moms are educated and their concerns are answered, they do
  • very well during their labor; especially if they attend a childbirth class. You and your partner will be pleased  and confident on your labor day. Gone are the days when you have to belive that the experience of others will be yours or let their negative experiences influence you. 

According to evidence based studies,  attending a childbirth class has the following benefits:

  • Increased confidence in their body’s ability to give birth
  • Decreased fear about the labor and delivery process
  • Improved communication with their care providers
  • Fewer unplanned C-sections and other medical interventions,
  • including inductions
  • Less perineal trauma
  • Increased satisfaction with birth
  • Reduced rates of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety
  • More loving couples

Get straight forward birth education and game-changing tips for labor.

Know what to expect and be ready to pivot your plans if you need toEliminate the what-ifs and feel completely at ease.

  • Learn about birth, postpartum, and newborn care so that you’re ready to hit the ground running as a new mom.




Marilyn Smith Founder of Maternal Treasures Birth and Parenting Education,: RN, Midwife Lactation Specialist,CI

Are you having a hospital based birth? I have the perfect virtual classes for you.I teach you step by step what to expect wether you are having a vaginal or Cesarean birth.

Mama, I have the tools to help you embrace your labor and delivery with confidence, and fearlessness as a first time or second time mom. Do you want to feel empowered and capable for your pending birth? These PREMIUM classes will equip you with everything you need to thrive during labor.

Are you having a Cesarean section? We’ve got a class for you. Check it out in our store here…

The really good thing about these classes are you can learn with me in the comfort of your home, having breakfast, lunch or dinner !

There’s nothing like learning about birth with the one you love!

After giving birth to four kids of my own, and also being a professional I have studied everything it takes to give every mama a better birth!

I am Marilyn Smith your instructor, waiting to prepare you for the birth of your life-time!

I know many of you are having sleepless nights as a first time mom, wondering how your labor experience will be.Additionally, I believe that fathers should also be a part of the birthing class experience. Research has proven that fathers are emotionally, affected in some way about their baby’s birth. Many dads during theses classes are amazed at what happens during these classes and are better prepared to handle the Labor Day event.

Think of it mama, if your partner is empowered for Labor Day, then that leaves you with more positive effects of the labor experience. The majority of the fathers are quietly fearful of the birth of their babies. many have admitted this during our virtual sessions.

“My main goal as your birth educator is to equip and empower you and your partner with the tools to birth like a pro”

I know that having a baby can be daunting , and scary especially during the final weeks leading up to your due date. I also had times where I became restless worrying about what my birth experience would be like.

And don’t ask anyone about their birth experience because it always seem overwhelming. After having my own kids and becoming educated about the process, I realise that your Labor Day can be exciting and powerful, as I engage it gracefully with confidence, by putting what I’ve learned to the driver’s seat.

As a midwife and mother who gave birth to four babies, I have the understanding and grace what you need to flow and win on your Labor Day.

Birth education is for everyone more than anything else. This is solely your choice, and we can’t wait to support you on it!Trust me to deliver you with the skills you need for a wonderful birth experience!