Welcome to Maternal Treasures Cesarean section home . Have your doctor told you you are having a cesarean section? Or are you having a baby and are not sure if you will end up with a C- section . We have 2 classes for you to choose from :

  1. CLASS #1 : This class is for the confirmed Cesarean section. These are persons whom their care provider has told them that they are definitely going to have a C section.
  2. Class #2: This for those who are going into labor and are not sure if they are going to have a C-section or a vaginal birth.

This exciting class is for couples whose care providers have told them that they are having a Cesarean section for whatever reasons. It has everything Cesarean section you can imagine and more!

This class is for couples who are not sure of what they are going to have. I have discovered that couples should be prepared for both seeing that labor can and does sometimes go either ways.

I have discovered that : “IT IS ALWAYS GOOD TO BE PREPARED FOR BOTH. I am talking from experience. I like to have my students prepared for both so that their monies, and times are well spent.”

Here’s what parents are saying about our classes:

I was born for such a time as this!

Hello to all the beautiful Mamas out there! I can’t wait to meet you and your partner. I have travelled this road before and I am passionate about you having a wonderful birth experience.

I want to genuinely put your mind at ease, reaching all the doubts and fears, and teach you how to have the best experience any new mama can ask for by building confidence and giving you the tools you need for the big day celebration.

Is your Labor Day fast approaching and you do not know where to begin? Start with me on your journey!

Here are some frequently asked questions about the course
Do I really need a class for a Cesarean section?

Yes you do! Research has shown that couples who take a class are MORE successful that those who take don’t and they have better outcomes.

How soon should I do a class?

The sooner the better to give yourself more time to learn the material, and ask your questions.

I had a C-section before but I was not educated about it. Should I take a class?

Absolutely!Taking a class to get a better understanding is definitely the way to go. Knowledge is indeed power. Taking a class is the perfect way to get all your questions and concerns addressed. Why go into the operating room uninformed It just does not make sense mama. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about t.his important phase of your life

Should I let my partner/ team come along?

Certainly! They are all welcomed

How long are the classes?

The confirmed Cesarean section is about 2 hours and the unconfirmed class is 4 hours. With the confirmed class wedge straight into the meat of the class while the unconfirmed class explains both the natural and C section births.

Where is your confidence mama? No more stressing out. Get started with me today. PLUS

Oh and if you are choosing the unconfirmed class, it comes with an app!

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