More Effective Ways To Prepare For A Faster And Easier Labor

Mama believe because all things are possible to those who believe!
By Marilyn Smith

And yes mamas I have more effective ways you can prepare for a faster and easier labor. after giving birth to four children and woking in the field of midwifery for more than twenty years, I should definitely be more than able to share with you my precious audience ways you can have a faster and easier labor.

I know most of you are thinking about where do you begin to think about preparing for childbirth. I know that these last few weeks seem so long and lingering but let’s turn it into some of the busiest weeks of your pregnancy. If you would like to see my first article about 10 more amazing ways you can prepare for labor .

One of the things I noticed with my third trimester was the fact that you can easily become bogged down in just thinking about the worst that could happen during your labor. Well mama let me help you to relieve those fears and anxieties and focus on the things that really matter during this momentous time in your life.

Why preparing for labor is important

Preparing for labor is one of the best things you as a mom can do. I continue to meet moms who are so nervous about their labor and delivery day. Let me tell you now mama, it does not make sense doing this. Instead empower yourself for this day. I discovered that if you prepare realistically for this day, you are better prepared to handle ANY obstacle that might come your way.

Preparation is necessary because if you do not prepare fear, anxieties and worry will overwhelm you on your Labor Day. On your Labor Day you should be tunning into your inner thoughts to produce calmness and peace during labor. Preparation gives you a jump start to creating a wonderful experience. I know sometimes we prepare and things still do not turn out the way we plan, but it is so much better to try and know that we did our very best. I believe that if we put our trust in God in the good or bad times things still will work out for our good.

1. Prepare mentally for it

Remember physical preparation is only 10% while mental preparation is 90%!

After going through labor four times I can compare it to having an exam. You know your exam is coming and what do you do? You prepare for it. No one wants to go into an exam guessing and hoping their way to success. No you prepare for it. And mamas that is what you have to do; prepare mentally for your upcoming Labor Day. As you go through each trimester, stay ahead and know what to expect and do the things you need to do.

Not preparing yourself mentally for your baby can cause you to be so afraid, and everything can seem scary. This can downplay your pain threshold excellerate fear, and tension simply because you do not know what to expect. Another way you can prepare yourself is to ask question like crazy. Fear of the unknown can also cause you more pain. A childbirth class and having a doula , I highly recommend you to do.

Lastly, you can prepare mentally is to stay positive and trust God to take care of you. We always come out better if we think positive vs negative. Imagine a positive birth experience for yourself and do not compare yourself with others. Every woman will have her own story to tell. Athough you can’t get rid of the inevitable pain, you can ‘warrior up’ your mind to get through it just like me.

2. Eat the right foods

Eating the right foods can definitely play an important role in helping you to prepare for your Labor Day. There are so many good foods out there that can help your labor to accelerate with positive results. Yes mamas blood foods like

  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Wholegrain biscuits and crackers
  • Energy bars (watch the sugar content)
  • Wholemeal bread and healthy sandwich fillings such as chicken, humous or sliced banana
  • Bananas and other fresh fruits
  • Breadsticks. I hope some of these are your favourites! Let me know in the comments.

Some studies have also discovered where eating six dates daily after thirty six weeks helps to bring labor on naturally. Now who does not want a naturally induced labor? I sure do! However, if you are diabetic or overweight already, get permission from your practitioner on this tip as dates can be high in calories.

“Date fruit contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic, and linolenic acids, which are involved in saving and supplying energy and construction of progostaglandins. In addition, serotonin, tannin, and calcium in date fruit contribute to the contraction of smooth muscles of the uterus. Date fruit also has a laxative effect, which stimulates uterine contractions.”

3. Ask a lot of questions

Every question in your mind is valuable Mama!

One of my biggest pet peeves while working in the maternity unit of the hospital was the fact that most of the pregnant women I worked with asked enough questions. Asking questions is a big deal mama1 During your third trimester go in your mind and think of all the things that seem puzzling to you at this point in your journey.

It is good to as those questions and no question is stupid. If you do not know the answers then you may be the silly one. I want to encourage yourself to ask all the questions that may disturb you . Even if it is asking your practitioner how things will go as far as you getting admitted to the hospital or to your unit e.g. what to expect once in labor. Get to know the whole scope of ANYTHING you deem as important to know. When you store doubt it only increases fear and worry. So mama save yourself the trouble.

Some of my clients become concerned about the procedures in hospital or home birth e.g. the drips and fluids, or procedures. You can also ask about these.

4. Spinning your baby

Nowadays mamas can actually check to see if their little star is in the right position for birth. This is important because if your baby has not positioned in the right way, it can cause your labor to go pretty sour. Your labor is so much better when your baby is in the anterior position vs the posterior position. You have less pain and a shorter labor as a result of this. At 34 weeks and leading up to your labor, check to see which position he /she is in. You can get relief during labor that is helping lots of women to have an even better labor @ spinning babies.

5. Have strategies in place to use during your contractions.

Prepare today

My next best tip to you is to have certain strategies in place for when your labor contractions/ pains begin. Just like how you prepared for that final exam, reversing all those questions and moves, have the things that bring you joy and comfort available to you in the weeks leading to your expected date of delivery. When the thoughts of how close your day is appearing you can empower yourself by doing the following:

  • Treat yourself to a body message and imagine/ meditate about your upcoming wonderful birth experience.
  • Take a walk at the beach
  • Watch a movie that makes you laugh or your favorite TV show.
  • Play with the older sibling. You are going to spend some time away so make this time extra special and memorable for you and them.
  • You can fill in more blanks with your favorite stuff to do . I enjoyed meditation, reading, or engaging with family, and eating healthy snacks while going for walks

6. Go on a baby moon with your partner

Going on a baby moon can produce many pleasant emotions for your pregnancy. Just think of you and your partner going on a little vacation before baby’s arrival! Because you know this is the calm before the storm. So why not set some time aside; having a babysitter for the older siblings and you and dad hang out for awhile. Sounds good? Give it a try. Many mamas are talking about this experience, of how it really helped them to brace the day of labor.

You can plan a night or two , depending on how much you can spear in a hotel and enjoy yourselves to the max just bonding together and thinking about life as it is now. It can also be a time of spiritual enrichment where you and your partner connect with God and give thanks for His past blessings, and asking for His guidance and protection moving forward. God wants to be apart of everything that concerns you. ( Proverbs 3:5,6).

“Stoking the flames of your love with a relaxing babymoon has real long-term relationship benefits, says Sabitha Pillai-Friedman, Ph.D., a couple’s therapist and assistant professor of human sexuality at Widener University in Chester, PA. “Transitioning to parenthood can be stressful, but dedicating a vacation to reconnecting can help you be playful with each other again,” 

7. Listen to your body,

because it speaks!

I personally believe that God designed our bodies to know how to birth. Just look at the animals. No-one needs to get a veterinarian to deliver their births in most circumstances. Most of the time when we have a pet animal and they are going to have their babies, we often find out when it is all over and if we are there to witness the birth, it is often so amazing.

I believe God has created us with bodies that can birth easy just like the animals. All things are possible to those who believe. (Matthew 29:26). Believe in your body to give birth naturally mama.During pregnancy our bodies give us clues just like the animals of the timing of when to do certain things. I remember my nesting phases. Boy, I remember my body telling me it is time to prepare for baby’s welcome.

The hormonal surges always directed me to prepare and was always on point. So listening to your body is important because your body knows something is wrong before you do. Hearing your body requires tuning in to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors in addition to being thoughtful of any symptoms that are unusual for you. 

8.Get to know your labor team

Let’s do it today!

Getting to know your labor team is a key point in helping you prepare to have an easier and better birth. creative methods for evading the hospital protocols so they can give birth without unneeded limitations. One method to prevent involvement is to request that their wishes be written down in the notes.

Examples of requests that could be documented include no vaginal exams, no continuous electric fetal monitoring, no routine rupturing of the membranes, labor and delivery off the bed, and additional support personnel. Another idea is that, if necessary, the parents take charge of the child’s use of comfort measures like hot wet towels and hot packs while also encouraging them to utilize a variety of other comfort measures (food, drinks, warm socks, own clothes, music, massage oil, lollies to suck etc). You will no doubt feel more relaxed and comfortable in your environment.

You can even take some time to meet the hospital or home birth staff and maybe ask some questions, or even have a look into the labor units.


Practice often!

Meditation I can tell you plays a big role in everything we do. Meditation is a technique for teaching your brain to concentrate on one thing and direct all of your thoughts to that thing. People of all ages have been much more interested in meditation during the last few decades. The main factor is that more individuals are now aware of meditation’s long-lasting positive effects on both physical and mental health.

There are many benefits of meditation. Here are some very important ways it can help you to live a richer life.

  • Enhances mental health- No one can deny that improved mental health will qualify one’s life.
  • Generates empathy and kindness -Acts of kindness always helps us one to feel valuable and needed. This is a basic human need.
  • Improve self-awareness -Every human needs to know who they are. According to psychologists  Shelley Duval and Robert Wicklund, “Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and how your actions, thoughts, or emotions do or don’t align with your internal standards. If you’re highly self-aware, you can objectively evaluate yourself, manage your emotions, align your behavior with your values, and understand correctly how others perceive you.”
  • Increases concentration and attention span
  • Reduces memory loss
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Improves sleep hygiene
  • Lowers stres. All of these results are proof that meditation is very powerful and worth the doing.

10. Learn at least 3 of your affirmations and scripture before your due date -link

Mama this one is another key that I use and encourage my clients to use to help them get over the compelling contractions of labor. Speaking positive affirmations and scriptures helped me to overcome the pains in labor. Labor will be uncomfortable at some points, but I am giving you the tools to equip you to really work your Labor Day by empowering yourself for the face -to face journey with your opponent pain.

Find yours today and begin learning!

First of all understand that pain has a purpose in labor. It only comes to assist your little star to decend out of your birth canal. The wonderful thing is you have the power to not only breathe to give your baby life with each contraction, but you can lead your mind to say the things that will keep you calm, confident, and determined during the transitional stage.

I encourage you to learn Bible scriptures and positive affirmations like I did to help you overcome the fears and anxieties of labor. These have always kept me sane, satisfied and most of all in control of my labor days.



In conclusion I want you to consider what we have just discussed and put it into practice beginning today:

  • 1. Preparing for Labor Day is important for many reasons.
  • 2. Do all you can to prepare for it INTENTIONALLY.
  • 3. Eating the right foods is also key to having an empowered labor.
  • 4. Go ahead mama ask a lot of questions.
  • 5. Consider Spinning your baby as your labor progress is depending on it.
  • 6. Have strategies in place to use during your contractions.
  • 7. . Go on a baby moon with your partner
  • 8. Listen to your body
  • 9..Get to know your labor team
  • Don’t forget to waddle into labor with at least 3 Bible scriptures and three of your favorite affirmations you know like the back of your hand.

All births are beautiful no matter how you deliver

I just want to say mamas out there that I know that some of you might have had really bad experiences, and I am so sorry for that. I do not want you to blame yourself for anything that may have happened along the way that was unexpected or negative.

There are times when things do not go as expected and you have done all you can. In the final analysis you always come out on top because of your mindset. Never compare yourself with others. Every pregnant woman will have her own story to tell and see the good in every situation.

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