Welcome to our postpartum page. I’m so glad you are here. Congratulations on this fourth stage of pregnancy. As a midwife, I have helped thousands of postpartum couples to have a smooth transition. Everything changes when baby comes along and ia am here to prepare you for the journey.I hope you register today for this class. As it will certainly help you to manage your journey as a parent.

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Are you feeling confident about your birth ?

Mama if not it is your time to sign up today and you will!

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Mama you don’t have to go into postpartum alone. Take me with you by registering for a class.

Taking a class like this will equip you for the busy days ahead and give you the confidence you need to face mom life with confidence.

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You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

Do I need to take a postpartum class?

Yes mam you do. Taking a class for the most part decreases your anxiety levels and gives you the opportunity to learn how to control your environment and most of all take good care of you.Additionally, you get to ask all your questions and concerns.

Can my partner also come?

Certainly yes! You and your partner are welcomed at all of our classes and the price stays the same.

How long is the class?

The class is about one hour and a half.

Will I have access to the class?

Yes mam. You will have lifetime access to the class, even if it is updated and requested.

How soon should I get the class?

You can take the class before or after having baby .However I believe if you take it before baby comes you will be better prepared. We also have the class in eBook format if you prefer not to take it virtually.