Which Virtual Class is for you mama?

We have classes to meet every maternal need. We have step by step programs to teach you how to birth like a pro for the first time!

I have five children of my own, and I am a nurse-midwife of more than 35 years, so I know first hand how to give my experience as well as the tools for proven strategies that will give you the best birth experience possible. The great thing about our classes is no matter where you are in the world we can reach you live and in person!

The Childbirth Virtual Class for First Time Moms

Are you a first time mama who is anxious about your upcoming birth and just don’t know what to expect. Or haven’t a clue how to prepare for labor?

The Newborn Care Virtual Class for First Time Moms

As a first time mom it is definitely worth the investment to learn the secrets of how you can thrive as a first time parent the first time.

The Postpartum Virtual Class for First Time Moms

With Postpartum being one of the roller coaster rides of life, I would highly recommend this class. Get the tools you need navigate this challenging time.

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The Breastfeeding Virtual Class for First Time Moms

Choose to become educated about breastfeeding before baby arrives so that you can offer your little star the best start!

The Cesarean Section Virtual Birth Class For First Time moms
Were you told that you are definitely having a Cesarean section?

This is the class for you mama!

Let me erase all the fears of having a Cesarean Birth and also prepare you for everything during and after.

Marilyn Smith BSN, RN, Author, CLC Founder of Maternal Treasures Birth and Parenting Education

Who are these virtual classes for?

  • Any first time mom having a hospital based birth.
  • Any mom scared and nervous about their upcoming birth.
  • Any mom who wants to be educated and given the opportunity to ask the right questions, understand the process, and gain the insight of how to really thrive before, during, and after labor; wether it is pregnancy, labor, or postpartum.
  • Any mom who was pregnant before but needs a refresher.
  • Any relative, family, or friend of a pregnant woman they absolutely love.
  • Any one 28 – 30 weeks pregnant.
  • If one of these categories describes you, then this is the class for you!
A Memorable , unforgettable birth experience!

Discover the important elements that that are really needed during your labor, birth, and postpartum by selecting one of our transformational classes today.

Our classes are simply epic!

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Hello mama. We also have a practical session you can have . I would love to meet with you and join in reviewing the class again, if you think you need a little extra help. You can sign up for the review class here.

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