The 10 Best Essential Care Products to Use During Pregnancy

I’m rooting for you mama!

By Marilyn Smith – RN, BSN, Birth Preparation Educator, Clinical Instructor, Author

Mamas I know while you are pregnant, you want to ensure that you have only the best of what you need to allow your pregnancy to progress in the smoothest way possible. Keep in mind this is also my sincere desire for you. Trust me Mamas there is nothing like going through your pregnancy with comfort, simplicity, and less worry about how to sleep when your tummy is growing so fast, what to use when your breasts are growing twice the size before you were pregnant, or wearing that underwear that does not rub your tender skin.

I have had four pregnancies and I remember I was not really prepared for my first one. I remember being so uncomfortable during my last trimester and did not consider getting a pregnancy pillow. This would have made a world of difference then . The other pregnancies were well supported with pillows that kept me incredibly comfortable and able to sleep .Now mamas you know sleep is so important during pregnancy .

With so much hormones in the body having a field day changing emotions, imagine not sleeping well which can make you very moody, and irritable. Give me the opportunity to help you with seven of the best essential products you can use during your pregnancy.

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According to our editors and moms in the Maternal Treasures Parent Care Community, these are the best pregnancy products you won’t want to live without. I only suggest products that I or my customers have used and would buy again.

Imagine you went on a journey in the desert and forgot to carry the most important things you would need for the journey like water, food, clothing, and bedding. What a bad experience you have just set yourself up for! first of all you are not going to do anything well because you arenot equipped with the things you need to help make your trip a better one. This comparason can be related to your pregnant journey.

I want to make this one a good one for you , hence I want you to embrace these wonderful products I have here for you. These items are my favorites and are highly recommended by myself and my clients for you.

Why does this problem exist

Many women will not enjoy their pregnancy if they do not have the things they need to make their lives comfortable. Pregnancy is expected to be nine months so I would say why not make it as comfortable as possible? During my pregnancies I can be very moody and impatient so my hubby made sure that I had everything I needed to be comfortable and happy. Let’s dive in now for the best pregnancy products you can buy.

The Best Essential Products for Pregnancy Comfort

1. A pregnancy Pillow

Mama have you ever tried to sleep but jus could not because you were too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Now we do know that not getting the right sleep can certainly put a damper in our day! This can spoil our mood and relationships which play an important role in our everyday lives. A pregnancy pillow is one of the items that really helps you to get a good sleep whether it is day or night.

You may already know that good sleep can be difficult to come by as your pregnancy progresses. However, expectant mothers claim that this U-shaped pillow works wonders. It can be used in a variety of ways, including propping up your belly while sleeping on your side, bolstering your legs, or wrapping it around yourself to sleep comfortably on your stomach (for a while, at least). From my experience and what my customers are saying a pregnancy pillow is a wonderful item you should have on hand during your pregnancy. Here is a one of the best samples most pregnant women prefer:

1. Pillow, Grey U-Shape Full Body Pillow and Maternity Support – Support for Back, Hips, Legs, Belly for Pregnant Women

Your comfort matters during pregnancy

Best Overall


  • Super supporting to every part of your body, providing full comfort and support
  • Can be useful even after your pregnancy e.g during postpartum and beyond.
  • It is also beneficial for persons who might have had surgery and need added support to painful limbs.
  • You sleep longer because it is better.
  • You’re covered by our lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Save 50% on the new PharMeDoc Belly Strech Mark Cream when you purchase a U Shape Grey Pregnancy pillow. Offered by Doctors-Deals.
  • Free shipping


Can take up large space

See more here

2. Maternity Leggings Active Wear Over The Bump Pants Pregnancy Shaping Over The Belly Postpartum Breastfeeding

Helping you to stay comfortable during the journey
Helping you to stay comfortable during the journey

Courtesy of Amazon

What a treat for pregnant mama like you. A legging built for your active life.

Best seller


  • They look pretty stylish. Become a diva with these figure-flattering compression leggings, while also getting the maternity support you require.
  • Throughout your pregnancy, these microfiber black maternity leggings will be your best friend as they provide you with comfort and support in your clothing.
  • They will last even beyond your pregnancy and postpartum. From the first trimester to the postpartum period, a special soft elastic pouch easily expands to accommodate size changes you will love. Trust me they are truly one of the best!
  • These functional leggins grow with you as your belly grows and you can get all day comfort because of the breathable nylon/spandex blend keeps you cool all day, and moisture wicking properties ensure you stay comfortable.

Cons: Can be very uncomfortable if you purchase the wrong size.

3. Hands Free Pumping Bra, Momcozy Adjustable Breast-Pumps Holding and Nursing Bra, Suitable for Breastfeeding

Here is breastfeeding comfort and convenience
Courtesy Amazon

Best seller


  • Can be used for breastfeeding and pumping at the same time!
  • Made from the best fabrics so you can work at your pace all day long.
  • Suitable for all breast pump brands.
  • Easy breast access for you and baby.

Cons: One of my clients complained of the fabric irritating her skin but overall the majority and myself were pleased.

4. Maternity underwear over the bump

Courtesy of Amazon

Amazon’s choice


  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Imported and has a great price
  • Machine Wash
  • Lightweight jersey cotton blend with stretch
  • Bikini-style panties. You look and feel good.
  • Super comfortable
  • Moderate coverage
  • Tag-free and true to your size
  • Most sizes are available
  • Hard to find. I highly recommend this brand. The ones I have now I bought three years ago and they are just like new. Excellent quality.

Cons: A few of my clients complained about the quality of the fabric, but I find the fabric of good quality.

Fans, white noise machines, earplugs, and body pillows are all good tools for pregnant women needing their restful sleep

Courtesy of Amazon

Your sleep matters. Get the essential sleep you deserve with this quality machine. It’s the sleep assistant that helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Are you struggling to get to sleep? Sleep experts agree that getting the best sleep begins with doing the same things before going to sleep. This just might be what you need.


Aids in helping you to get the best sleep.

You can enjoy lights and sounds anytime, while you focus, meditate, or read.

  • Has a great price
  • Works in older kids room to let them sleep
  • Helps your baby sleep too
  • Batterie and electrical operation available.
  • Can be used during traveling
  • Relaxes your mind so you can get to sleep.
  • Very easy to use and affordable. Highly recommended!

6. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Maternity Skinny Jeans

Courtesy of Amazon


This diva friendly denium are made specifically for the girl who wants to noted as high fashion during pregnancy. Here are more features of this product:

  • 78% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 2% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Pull On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Super stretchy premium denim that keeps its shape all day
  • Superior quality stretchability and recovery for maximum comfort
  • Smooth Tummy Knit Panel that adapts with your changing figure and provides lower back support. This is my desire for you. This my friend is the complete package for your denium wear. I suggest at least 2 denium for your busy life. Everyone knows that they are the everyday and anytime wear for all seasons. Highly recommended just for you.

Want to hear what some moms are saying about this product? Should be very interesting huh? Check out this link @ Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women’s Maternity Skinny Jeans, Blue Ice, Small at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

For the most part me and my students enjoyed and would purchase again!

7. Essentials Women’s Belice Ballet Flat Shoes

Comfort and style all in one

Pregnancy is an excellent reason to go shoe shopping for cute, comfortable shoes. Because your feet will swell and expand beginning in the second trimester, you may need a half size or size larger than usual. Moms love these Lucky brand ballet flats, which have soft leather and fabric uppers and cushioned insoles for maximum comfort.

Best seller


  • Very comfortable
  • Safe for wearing during pregnancy
  • Stretches to accommodate your feet
  • Many of my customers claim that these shoes are super comfortable with no irritating material. They claim that they are the best flats around!
  • Great for wide width feet. Now you can’t beat all that comfort! Highly recommended!

8. Want to ease morning sickness? Try these…Preggie Pop Drops Plus | 21 Drops | Vitamin B6 for Morning Sickness & Nausea Relief during pregnancy

Giving you the comfort you need during pregnancy
Ease your nausea away!

You may experience morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy while in your first trimester or until your baby is born. This is common and can be uncomfortable for many pregnant women.
Three Lollies (created by healthcare professionals) created a natural & drug free solution that is 100 percent safe for pregnant mom and baby to provide morning sickness relief and nausea relief for pregnant women.


  • These tastes great and comes in different flavors. The vitamin B added takes nausea to another level!
  • They are individually wrapped for your convenience.
  • Made with vitamin B6 and other natural ingredients to prevent or ease nausea and vomiting.
  • Drug free and doctor recommended. Also recommended for chemo therapy patients or motion sickness.
  • Most of my clients love them and claim they were a lifesaver and will buy them again. Oh boy, I wish they were around during my pregnancies over 20 years ago!

9.Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Body Oil with Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel, Full Body Skin Moisturizer

Courtesy of Amazon

Best seller

Many pregnant moms are concerned that their pregnancy stretches will leave permanent mars on their abdomen. After having five children I can tell you that the stretch marks do go eventually go away.

However, you may prefer to get some help along the way. This oil was created in the year 2002.

Bio Oil’s manufacturer claims that the product can have a significant impact on more general issues such as aging skin symptoms, stretch marks, uneven pigmentation (such as sun spots), and dry skin.

The idea is that by using Bio Oil on a regular basis, the skin will be provided with the necessary chemicals and building blocks to repair itself and look healthier.


  • Bio-Oil does not clog pores and a great acne scar treatment for the face. It has been clinically proven to help repair skin damage and scars caused by pregnancy, surgery, injury, acne, C-section, anti-aging product.
  • Repairs stretched skin
  • Even sensitive skin can benefit from this amazing oil

Cons; Some persons did not like the scent it has.

My clients agree that during pregnancy, it is critical to drink A LOT of water in order to stay hydrated from the inside out, as well as to use a moisturizer such as bio oil on a daily basis for prevention. Mamas you really need one. I remember when my skin was stretching from the growth of my babies, sometimes I could feel my skin just stretching. You know what I mean?

It is pretty uncomfortable.

10. Pearhead First 5 Years Baby Memory Book with Sonogram Photo Insert, Black and Gold Polka Dot

Courtesy of Amazon

Best seller

Mamas pregnancy may seem like a long time, but it flies by. Take the time to write down how you’re feeling, and keep track of doctor’s appointments and important milestones in this pregnancy journal It will be a treasured keepsake that your child will enjoy reading in the future.

The Pearhead Pregnancy journal has plenty of writing space as well as pockets for special mementos.


  • The ideal gift for any baby shower, baptism, or christening; includes 50 photo-guided journal pages and a 4″ x 5″ cover photo insert.
    Pages include: who owns this book, baby’s introduction, about mommy, about daddy, mommy and daddy’s story, family tree, mommy’s pregnancy journey, doctor visits, baby shower, gift and guest list, and much more!
  • A great mother’s day gift
  • A wonderful baby registry gift
  • Works well for busy mamas
  • Made of good quality
  • A great memory book indeed
  • Great design and price
  • You have space for 5 years documentation of your child’s life


Most persons who bought this item were very pleased and would buy it again

I highly recommend this journal because I want you to cherish and enjoy every moment of your child’s first 5 years of life. A super keepsake. What treat for your child is grown enough to appreciate it as a gift!

Common Frequently Asked Questions about pregnancy care

Why is pre-pregnancy care important?

Preconceptual care is crucial to your pregnancy. In fact, it can determine whether you have a good or bad outcome! For real mama. Hence it is vitally important to ensure that you do everything necessary to make it as smooth as possible. You can learn everything you need to know here.

How to have a healthy pregnancy?

To get prenatal care early and on a regular basis increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy. This care can begin even before pregnancy, with a visit to a health care provider for pre-pregnancy care. One of the best ways to promote a healthy birth is to have a healthy pregnancy.

How do I get help for pregnancy and mental health issues?

Seek assistance if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Women who presume they are pregnant should see their doctor to start prenatal care. Prenatal visits to the doctor usually include a physical exam, weight checks, and the collection of a urine sample. You can check out this article here.

How do I promote a healthy birth?

To stay grounded and nourished from within, I truly believe that all women should have an active pregnancy self-care routine in place. Here are the three main types of pregnancy care you should be embracing:

  • Physical self-care including the way you care for your body, the food you eat, and more
  • Emotional self-care which focuses on expressing your thoughts, worries, and needs as well as setting boundaries and saying No
  • Spritual self-care and the connection you have to your higher self and spiritual values

The last thing you need to know about the importance of having the best essential care during pregnancy

Every woman has a unique pregnancy experience, but there is one very important consideration that I know all expecting mothers should keep in mind. Create a long-term pregnancy self-care routine and sticking to it on a daily basis is crucial.

Pregnancy I know from experience brings a roller coaster of emotions and a lot of physical changes. Your regular clothing, bras, and underwear won’t fit. Good sleep may be elusive, and your skin may feel sensitive and itchy – especially on your belly and breasts. You may be more dreamy and distracted, imagining what life will be like once your baby is finally here, or you may feel grumpy and impatient.

The right stuff can help soothe your aches, pains, and irritations. But just what do you need? There are hundreds of products marketed to pregnant women, from books to creams to pillows and far beyond. It can be overwhelming to know what’s a must-have, what’s a nice-to-have, and what will just take up space in your house. With that in mind, here are the products that can truly help make your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable.

You deserve the best and because of that I will do my best to give you the most transformable content to make your life  a better one
I’m rooting for you Mama!

Marilyn Smith is a nationally board certified and award – winning health specialist in the field of midwifery, with BSc in nursing. She has helped thousands of pregnant moms during their labor and delivery. There are many patients who can testify of her excellent service as they engage the services she provides. She is the CEO of Maternal Treasure’s Parent Care Center in Nassau’s Bahamas where she offers many services for the general public with emphasis on family and pregnancy population.

Marilyn is very excited about helping women and believes every woman deserves to be happy, healthy, and loved. Her goal is to help you experience the best mental and physical well being as a mom. A nurse- midwife of more than 37 years, and having five kids of her own, she is an expert who understands pregnancy, and mom life. She knows how scary and difficult pregnancy and mom life can be and understand the pressures they can bring.

Every woman deserves a healthy birth and lifestyle no matter her race, gender, or colour. Marilyn wants to help each woman to reach her goals. If you are looking for encouragement while life throws its curve balls, or confidence and solutions during the birth of your super star, you have come to the right place- Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center. is definitely the place to be. Let her help to transform you to a better you.

Marilyn gives all glory to God for all of her accomplishments. She wants to teach you how to put your trust and confidence in the one and true living God. Going through life with God is so much better mama. With him all things are possible. Matthew 19:26. There is safety in God.

You can find her on facebook @(20+) Maternal Treasures Parent Care Center | Facebook. Instagram @ Marilyn Smith – (@maternaltreasures) • Instagram photos and videos. Pinterest @ Marilyn Smith -The #1 midwife (@maternaltreasures) • Instagram photos and videos. Twitter @ (1) Marilyn Smith (@Marilyn66354621) / Twitter. She is a problem solver, with valuable solutions you need to make your pregnancy and healthy living super fabulous.

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