Breastfeeding is the natural way to give your baby the food he/she needs to grow and develop properly. Take our breastfeeding class and learn how to breastfeed in the first few weeks. We teach you how to get breastfeeding support from your hospital resources they are the ones who can give you the advice and guidance you need on breastfeeding.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Learn about everything you need to be successful with breastfeeding today.

30 Day Money -Back Guarantee

The Maternal TreasuresBreastfeeding class helped me so much during pregnancy and after. Whether about l breastfeeding positions, latching baby on, or the challenges that come with it, it was so reassuring to refer back to even at the hospital. I cannot recommend it enough! MARGARET-A J

“I’m now pregnant with my second child and am doing the Built to Birth classes for the second time. It has completely changed the way we think about childbirth and postpartum. I constantly discuss it with all of my pregnant friends.” ALBERTA T

” I highly recommend Nurse Smith as a lactation
specialist! Not only is she knowledgeable and very
detailed but also caring. She took her time during our
sessions and also made sure to check up on me and the
baby consistently.Even though I faced a few challenges during breast
feeding, she never gave up on me. Sending encouraging
words and prayer always”. 10/10

Breastfeeding does not have be difficult, anxious, or frustrating.

Although it is natural, breastfeeding is not always simple.
Your individual nursing journey can be made more enjoyable and easier with the correct education and support.
According to research, women who receive prenatal breastfeeding education continue to breastfeed at considerably higher rates than mothers who don’t.

I highly recommend taking this course before you deliver so that when baby comes along you would have all the need knowledge to help you along.

This breastfeeding app is off the chain with it’s precious tools to ensure you get the most out of your breastfeeding experience.


Evidenced- Based information given in the spirit of deep love and care


Additionally, Marilyn Has given birth to four babies . She passionately walks you through each step of the breastfeeding journey and helps you discover into your innate mommy wisdom to confidently feed your baby.

Set your breastfeeding goals, build your confidence, and make informed decisions wisely on your journey. Let me take you there!



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A happy, successful breastfeeding journey of a lifetime.

30 day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain mama!


Do I need a breastfeeding class?

not if you lived in the era (200) years ago where all the women practically only breastfed their babies. Things have changed dramatically these days. Breastfeeding is less common these days, and many women don’t experience it much as children. Because of this, some direction can go a long way.

According to research, women who take a breastfeeding class are more likely to still be breastfeeding at six months, and couples who enroll in the same class have an increased chance of continuing to breastfeed longer. Every couple who choose to breastfeed will gain from support.

Can I take a class if I already had my baby, but is still struggling?

Certainly yes! It’s not too late to arm oneself with knowledge that is empowering. This breastfeeding course assists in resolving a variety of frequent problems, including latch, clogs, mastitis, low milk supply, pumping, and formula feeding. This course can assist you in resolving problems or, if you require it, can direct you to support.

How long do I have access to this class?

Mama you have life time access to The Maternal Treasures Courses and access to any future updates and additions that may be added. For example if you bought a class before and you had another baby, you can get the updated version of the present class for FREE!

When is it the best time to take a breastfeeding class?

It is always better to take a class before baby arrives, because you can devote more time to study and learn the material before baby is here. When baby arrives your time will be demanding to you and your baby. However, many new moms have found the time to prioritise breastfeeding and successfully breastfed their baby.

I’m looking to see you soon Mama!