Why Pregnancy Classes Necessary? 10 Best Reasons Why Childbirth Classes Are Needed!


Are you worried about what your pending labor experience will be. Don’t you worry no more! Join our next session of childbirth or breastfeeding classes for an ultimate, phenomenal, birth experience. We’ve got you covered! Did you know Childbirth Classes Rock?Are Birthing Classes Necessary? 10 Best Reasons Why Childbirth Classes Are Worth It!I can tell you mama  Childbirth classes: are a great way to help get mom and her labor partner prepared for the birthing experience.

While you are getting prepared physically , buying everything you will need for your hospital visit, do not neglect to prepare for yourself emotionally for the labor experience. Attend a childbirth class to reduce your fears and build your confidence.This is one of the best things you can do to release fear, tension and pain.

1.Every new mom has her own story to tell!

Yes mam that is what I said, “Every mama has her own story to tell.” Just like how God created every one with a different fingerprint, so is everyone who gives birth. Some people prefer to listen to other people’s horror stories not realising that they will have a totally different experience from the stories they listen to. There has NEVER been recorded in history that any two persons had the exact birth experience. Even if they were twins.

2.Attending a childbirth is like preparing for the marathon race

Maternal Treasures: Childbirth classes are like a marathon. You have to train for the best results!

You have to train for the best results!

I know many of you out there are terrified of your upcoming birth. Child birth is like an exam. You train and prepare for the exam day. Many mos believe that they can just meet the day and go through it blank with out knowing what to expect.

I met a young lady before who told me that childbirth classes were not necessary because her mom and sister did not have it and they are doing quite well.

My question is why should a woman go into labor in fear, and so much questions and uncertainty about what to expect and how to manurer in any environment. No mama prepare for your big day because it matters just like the important exam!

3.The taunting fears I see in the eyes of my clients still haunt me to this day

One of the reasons why I left the Princess Margaret hospital where I worked was to pay attention to women who are afraid and don’t know what to do or how to prepare for this day. Mamas I have come to deliver you! Your baby’s birth should not be a fearful, overwhelming event. It should be one of peace and calm. I am well qualified to show you how.

Knowledge is indeed power. Childbirth classes with Maternal Treasures are filled with everything you need to make your labor and postpartum transitioning easy. I am determined to reach as many families as possible to teach them how to wage through the surges of labor and delivery. Every pregnant lady anticipates giving birth to her child at the end of the nine-month process. This idea can actually cause a lot of people distress. 

Regardless of how many times they give birth, MOST women report feeling some level of stress or anxiety throughout labor and delivery. Including me; but when knowledge with understanding and application came just like when I was practicing for my important exams. I studied and got the results I learned.

4.Fears of the unknown

In my 36 years of nursing I have come to realise that most people are afraid because they don’t know what to expect. I can tell you mama, childbirth is physical, emotional, spiritual. it’s 10% physical and 90% mental!! Surprised? Yes it is. So many people believe it is firstly physical, but it is only a tip of the iceberg.

Pregnancy classes help to prepare you for this major life exam. You are able to deal with your fears and concerns that worry you. You can ask me anything as an experienced midwife.

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5.What are pregnancy classes?

Maternal Treasures : Childbirth classes are worth it!

So mama, I am all for pregnancy classes and you should be too. Many of us have never seen a birth or been a part of someone else’s birth experience. Movies and TV have been our education. They always featured a woman on her back screaming – Rachel yelling and head butting Ross while she pushed out her baby.

Katherine Heigl looking almost possessed in Knocked Up, and how about that horrible birthing scene in A Quiet Place!? Screaming, writhing, and misery was what we perceived as NORMAL thought was normal and to be expected.  

Many of us also grew up in the church and was taught at a tender age that childbirth was the “Curse of Eve” and as women we were meant to be punished for our sin with painful childbirth. So, we came into our birth experience poorly informed and with a lot of junk, that tumbles our belief that we can actually experience a beautiful birth experience.

There are millions of women who have never had anyone talk about the actual process of labor in a positive way. It was always described in very negative language. And this is what causes even more fear of coming into the labor room . Then do you remember this one ” When you are going to have a baby, you have one foot in the grave and the other on the land.”

The grandmas instilled this one and so here it is, we have a society filled with people who have settled to believe the lies of birth. Are you one of them? I hope not.



Here Are 10 Rewarding Benefits Of Attending A Childbirth Class

1.Calm your fears and prepare you for birth 

Fear of the unknown and how your labor will un-fold is one of the most common fears we see in pregnant women. In fact, it’s one of the first things we try to address to help ease any tension you and your labor partner might be feeling.A birthing class might assist you in getting over your birth phobia. It can be challenging to overcome childbirth phobia on your own, especially since Google tends to make anxiety worse rather than better (at least, that’s how it is for me!).

However, in a delivery class, typical phobias can be discussed, made normal, and let go of. The normal physiology of birth is typically covered in birthing classes, giving you the peace of mind that, for the most part, infants are born and births are normal. 

2.Opportunity to ask ALL your questions 

It’s no secret moms-to-be and the birth partner often have a variety of questions and concerns about childbirth. Childbirth classes are a great resource for you to ask questions freely and get accurate information. When you ask questions you relieve fear and anxiety.There is even more and better communication with the hospital staff. I teach you how to assertive and speaking up for yourself.

3.A better Knowledge of options and choices

At Maternal Treasures, we believe in “freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives” and want to set every mom up for a successful birth. The common goal of all of our birthing classes is to provide you with the confidence you need to give birth and to make informed decisions during your birth process. Additionally, there is less perineal trauma / tears, fewer unplanned Cesarean sections and even less inductions.

4.More Bond Time with your labor partner (s) 

Childbirth classes not only prepares couples for birthing and parenting but also promotes well-being and increased intimacy in couples. This is a great way to spend time with your labor partner while learning about the birth experience. Your partner also gets to understand you during your pregnancy.As you know the relationship changes in many ways. Classes help partners to connect more with the pregnancy. They tend to become more understanding and loving.

5.You learn pain management with breathing and relaxation techniques 

Above all, childbirth classes will emphasize the role of the support person and comfort measures for birth. We want to make sure mom and her labor partner have all the tools they need to birth with or alternative comfort measures without medication. By enrolling in a thorough birthing class that teaches effective coping skills for labor and birth, you may be able to minimize your chance of medical interventions, like as a cesarean.

A latest prospective study found that pregnant women who attended a more thorough birth class as opposed to a standard hospital class had a higher likelihood of having a healthy vaginal birth and a lower likelihood of using an epidural, suffering any perineal trauma, needing augmentation (e.g., using drugs like Pitocin), or requiring a cesarean section. In addition, there was a lower chance that their offspring would require CPR. 

6.The possibility of an improved and less stressful labor. 

Studies have shown that couples who attend classes have a more satisfying experience. Knowledge and application of the knowledge brings more positive results.

A licensed birthing instructor gives you access to a reliable source that can address your unique concerns without raising your anxiety levels. The internet is a great source of knowledge, but it’s also loaded with bad advice and inaccurate data. 

7.There is the possibility of a shorter labor using better coping skills you will learn in my class

In a childbirth class, you learn crucial techniques for controlling your birth. This is your body during pregnancy and birth. You are entitled to the freedom to choose wisely. This covers both the consent and the right to an informed refusal. 

Have you ever questioned whether having all those vaginal exams at the end of pregnancy is necessary? A birthing class can give you the self-assurance you need to speak with your medical team clearly, feel secure asking questions, and be an effective advocate for the treatment you need. 

Studies have proven that couples who attend childbirth classes have a happier experience with less complications. 

8. You gain a better appreciation for breastfeeding and prepares your mind towards giving it a try.

Maternal Treasures; Childbirth classes are worth it!

If you intend to breastfeed your little star I teach you the basics to get you interested and answer your questions. If you are interested in a virtual class, you can link here and search for our lactation or increasing your milk supply class. They are helping so many moms. And please check out our reviews on Facebook and google.Again I say childbirth classes are worth it.

9.You can begin to prepare early for postpartum and newborn care mentally.

In our childbirth class you get a precursor of what to expect during postpartum and how to navigate into this new transition. I really love this part of the class. There’s also a reduced rate of postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety. You can register for one of these classes here.

10.You and your partner can meet other parents who can tell about their positive experiences.

You can meet pregnant parents with comparable due dates in a birth class. When the night feels unending at 3 am or you need recommendations for diaper cream, you will already know who to text if you have built your parenting tribe during your pregnancy.

As a result of taking a childbirth class, several of my clients have developed into lifelong friends. You can access our community’s link at  Maternal Treasures Facebook – Maternal Treasures Instagram

So theWhy are pregnancy Classes Needed?” Well mama I have given you 10 reasons why and I hope you grab the opportunity to join me  for one of these classes soon. 


Mama we have come to the end of this article. I hope you have found it useful to helping you make an informed decision about why you should take one of our classes. I have also given you Why Pregnancy Classes Necessary? 10 Best Reasons Why Childbirth Classes Are Needed! have worked there and have seen the tears and fears that haunts pregnant people. I want to simply empower you for the best birth possible. 

Did you know that just being afraid can hinder your progress in labor? Yes mama pain, fear, tension and anxiety are barriers that prolongs labor and progress. Let me help you navigate to a safe landing. I hope to see you or your loved one soon. Did you know we also have an affiliate program where you receive compensation for just referring someone!! You can check it out here. Empower yourself by registering in a class today.

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